The Boardroom

Logie Timber's Showroom at Logie Steading

The Boardroom at Logie Steading is Logie Timber‘s shopfront. This is a room in the old Motor House filled with timber suitable for furniture, mantle pieces, cladding, fencing, table tops, mantel pieces, turning blanks and offcuts. There’s also a selection of hand-crafted furniture and wood products and useful wood-related items such as wood oils tried and tested by us.

This is our showroom, where you can find finished boards in various local woods, as well as wood products by local craftspeople. Larger orders can be placed with the mill using the forms found in the boardroom or by calling Alec or Mark. 

It’s worth a visit for the smell alone! You’ll find The Boardroom through the Farm & Garden Shop.

The Boardroom was opened during Logie Timber Festival on 4th & 5th May 2019. The festival was a celebration of all things wood, with over 60 different exhibitors, demonstrations and goings-on with everything from horse logging, axe throwing, tree climbing and big kit demonstrations to food, live music, kids activities and an extreme duck race on the River Findhorn. For a taste of the festival in pictures please visit this post

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Opening times

Logie Timber is a partnership between Alec Laing (right) of Logie Estate and Mark Councill (left) of CleanCut Forestry. 

Boards and other wood products can be viewed and bought at The Boardroom, our showroom at Logie Steading. 

To discuss special commissions, larger orders, or to see if we have something specific in stock at the mill, please contact us on 01309 611769. Thank you

History of The Boardroom

The entire building, of which The Boardroom is a small part, was planned back in the 1920s to be a garage for Logie House. A second floor above was planned for chauffeur’s and visiting chauffeur’s accommodation. If completed, the scale of the building would have rivalled Logie House. As it was, the war came along and the building was boarded up and not used again until 2013 when it was renovated and became part of Logie Steading Visitor Centre as we know it today. Amazingly, despite the patched-over flat roof, the lack of door coverings and the 1920’s windows that had only ever been primed, much of the building was in excellent condition and the windows didn’t even need to be replaced.

The Boardroom was the last remaining section of the “Big Garage” to be developed in 2018-19. The building has only been partially clad internally. We like to see how everything works; the arteries and veins of electricity and plumbing running around the walls, and the skeleton-like bare walls with home-grown timber board supports. We like its character this way. Sadly the up and over garage doors couldn’t be reused in their original form, but Dave Philp has repurposed them to create the beautiful doors under the arch that you see today.

We look forward to seeing how this space evolves and to welcoming you back to it to see what’s new, time and again.

Meet the owners

The Boardroom is the showroom of Logie Timber, a full-circle timber business based on Logie Estate. 

Logie Timber is a partnership between Alec Laing of Logie Estate and Mark Councill of CleanCut Forestry. 

Mark is an experienced forester who is passionate about developing a market for high quality timber in the region. He sources this from forestry jobs where it would otherwise be a waste product or firewood. Logie Timber works with Mark’s pre-existing business to complete our full circle approach. 

Alec is a 5th generation landowner who manages his family’s property, Logie Estate, and its associated businesses. The estate has a significant amount of timber including interesting woods that aren’t suitable for traditional commercial forestry and could be put to good use with the will and the wherewithal. The idea of adding value to our local natural resources was the initial impetus to start Logie Timber. 

Mark and Alec are supported by an excellent team at Logie Timber, who have all taken a significant role in getting the business – and the buildings – off the ground. They continue to help keep your wood cut and dried and sawmill life running day to day. 

Main image by Coran Gleed Photography.

Logie Timber

Logie Timber is a full-circle timber business based on Logie Estate

We have an emphasis on local wood, particularly hardwoods but we also work with softwoods. We love native species.

We are unique in that we can manage the full circle of the life and use of a tree, from seed to seed.

What We Do

Fell & Extract Trees

We specialise in accessing harder-to-reach timber and have a skilled team to climb, fell and extract any tree.

Fell & Extract Trees

We specialise in accessing harder-to-reach timber and have a skilled team to climb, fell and extract any tree.

Finish Timber

We can kiln dry, plane, sand and cut timber to size, to your specification.

Advise on Wood Uses & Connect You with the Makers

We can help with advice on which type of wood might suit for your projects. We currently stock dried local Elm, Oak, Ash, Larch, Douglas Fir & more. We also sell finished products and can recommend courses to learn to make your own.

Undertake Planting

We need to plant more hardwoods with end use in mind and are doing so on Logie Estate.

Full Service, if you like

You can use our services at any point in the cycle mentioned above. If you so choose, our fully qualified team can cut your tree, bring it back to our yard, process it and deliver the material back to you for your own projects. Furthermore, we can connect you with a maker to build it for you or suggest a course for you to learn to build your own.

Logie Timber Shed Build

A Unique Roundwood Frame Building

At its core Logie Timber celebrates wood. It seemed fitting to construct our main building at the saw mill from wood.

Enter Henry Fosbrooke, an extraordinary woodsman who can make just about anything in wood. The log frame took 12 long months, through Autumn and darkest winter to build, using scribe-fit traditional techniques. Henry provided his expertise as well as much of the physical work in creating the round-wood log frame. He is extremely generous with his knowledge and worked with the Logie Timber team to educate us in this specialist method – to the point that we can now knock up a beautiful scarf joint with the best.

The round-wood frame is constructed from Scots Pine from Logie Estate. The external frame, skillfully and beautifully made by Dave Philp and Dave Robson (The Daves), is made from local Douglas Fir and Larch.

This spectacular building houses our sawmill and processing machines, and offers indoor drying space for wood before kilning. Above all, the building stands as a permanent reminder of our full-circle ethos and reminds us daily that it’s all about the wood.

Logie Timber: The Kit

After considerable research and advice from other helpful Scottish sawmillers, in 2017 we purchased our Trakmet TPS1200 mill. It has a maximum cut width of 1.2m making it perfect for large hardwood logs.

In 2018 we applied to Moray LEADER for funding to contribute to further kit to extend our capabilities. Our application was successful and in early 2019 we took delivery of a Logosol Frame Saw increasing our capacity for small section cladding material, a Logosol Planer/Moulder and SCM wide belt Sander for finishing products and an array of solar panels for electricity generation.

It’s not all about the kit though, you need someone to drive the machines! We are so lucky to have been united with Ross Howie, a Canadian metal worker (not really who we were looking for!) who has a brain for all things mechanical and keeps the show on the road at the mill.

We have plenty of outdoor space at the timber yard, where there are stacks of various timbers drying. Depending on the type of wood and end use we also dry in our timber shed, and in our kiln, enabling us to provide a wide range of local woods in premium condition.

How to Get in Touch

Please contact us on 01309 611769 if you’d like to discuss a project or a quote.

Please keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram to see what we’ve been up to recently.

Our Aim

Logie Timber’s aim is to create a legacy far greater than cladding and coffee tables. Wood can tell a story, be a conversation starter, become part of a family home; a living piece of history. The alternative? Ash and smoke.

We want to put sustainable Scottish woodland resources back to work. For too long now we’ve looked elsewhere for high quality timber while our own woodlands have been passed over or relegated to the fire pile.

We know that it’s far smarter to use what you have at hand, especially if it’s this good. Harnessing our own high quality, local timber and managing its source wisely, so that others have the chance to use it too, seems straightforward enough. That way, everyone benefits.

The Boardroom at Logie Steading

During the inaugural Logie Timber Festival on 4th & 5th May 2019, we opened our new showroom, The Boardroom at Logie Steading – our shopfront. This is a room in the old Motor House filled with timber suitable for furniture, mantle pieces, cladding, fencing, table tops, mantel pieces, turning blanks and offcuts. It’s worth a visit for the smell alone! You’ll find it through the Farm & Garden Shop.

If you’d like to find out more about the inaugural Logie Timber Festival, you can do so here.

What else is here at Logie Steading

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The Boardroom

Terms & Conditions for fishing on Logie Estate

  1. Fishing on the river is restricted to 2 rods per beat and is to be by fly only. All fishing is from the right bank. By arrangement with the neighbouring estate there is no left bank fishing on the Relugas Middle and Top beats.
  2. The fishing is split into two 2 rod beats, Logie and Relugas, with Relugas sub divided into Middle and Top.  Beats can be taken together or separately. Logie is fished Monday to Saturday, Relugas Middle on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and Relugas Top on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Beats change at midnight.
  3. Fishermen must contact Logie Estate office on 01309 611300 a day or so before arrival to organise being shown onto the river. A map of pools, beats and access routes will be provided.
  4. Bio-security is important to the future of the river and anglers are asked to observe protection measures. The Findhorn District Fishery Board Conservation Code will be strictly observed. To summarise: All fish caught up to 14th May inclusive must be released. From 15th May, all salmon over 9 lbs / 4 kg / 28 inches / 72 cm are to be returned.  Below that measurement at least 70% of salmon and 50% of grilse caught should be released and a maximum of 1 salmon and / or 2 grilse per rod per week may be retained. In September all fish are to be returned. No gaffs or tailers are allowed.
  5. The Findhorn District Fishery Board Bio-security measures will be strictly observed and all fishermen in the party must sign the Bio-security Declaration. (Also available at
  6. The Estate recommends that barbless hooks are used, fishermen are in possession of a disgorger and that knotless nets are used. All possible care should be taken when returning fish to the river, they should be handled as little, and gently, as possible and should not be removed from the water.
  7. The catch should be reported at the end of each day of fishing to Logie Estate Office on 01309 611300. If the office is closed, please leave a message on the answering machine with the date, weight and pool. Please also report a nil catch day.
  8. Dogs are allowed on the river but must be kept strictly under control at all times. The Estate reserves the right to ask tenants to remove dogs if they are considered to be out of control.
  9. Rod, line and fly size are dependent on prevailing weather and water conditions and personal choice. In general, maximum rod length needed is 13ft with a size 8 or 9 line, usually floating. Fly sizes range from 6 – 8 in the spring down to 12 or less in summer low water.
  10. Safety must be considered at all times. All beats have a variety of pools with some suitable for most heights of water. Little wading is necessary and river paths are good however the fishing is within the Findhorn gorge, access to some of the pools is quite steep and a degree of rock scrambling is often necessary when playing and landing fish. Please be aware that a reasonable level of fitness and mobility is required. A buoyancy aid for each rod is provided and should be collected from Logie Estate Office on arrival, and returned to the Estate Office (or to the outbuilding opposite if office is closed) on departure. Logie Estate strongly recommends that buoyancy aids are worn when fishing and not doing so is entirely at fishermen’s own risk. Please pay attention at all times, avoid slips and falls, wear appropriate footwear, look out for overhead electricity lines, watch the weather and pay attention to livestock. Take extra care if fishing alone.
  11. Anglers need to supply or hire their own equipment (except buoyancy aids, which are provided).
  12. Ghillieing/tuition is available by on a first come, first served basis. This must be booked in advance with the Estate Office and is subject to availability. A half day ghillieing/tuition is approx. 3 hours, full day approx. 6 hours. Please contact the estate office or check our website for current rates. Rates do not include discretionary tips.
  13. Rod, Reel & Line hire is available by on a first come, first served basis. This must be booked in advance with the Estate Office and is subject to availability. Please contact the estate office or check our website for current rates. A rod, reel and line set is for one person and is subject to a fully refundable damage deposit of £100.
  14. Aside from fishermen, others, including rafters and kayakers, enjoy this stretch of river and mutual respect and consideration is expected.
  15. Bookings are confirmed when initial payment is received. Subsequent changes in dates or number or rods are entirely subject to the Estate’s discretion and to availability. Change of dates, if accepted, incur an administration fee. In the event of a cancellation the tenant must advise Logie Estate immediately, whereupon Logie will endeavour to re-let. If a new tenant can be found the deposit will be returned less any expenses incurred for advertising, office costs, etc., and less any shortfalls in discounted list price. Until such time as a vacancy has been re-let the hirer is responsible for making any further payment by the due dates. Failure to do so may mean that the hirer forfeits any refund if the dates are re-let. If it is not possible to re-let, all payments are still payable by the due date(s). It is unlikely that a refund can be made for a late cancellation. Logie Estate recommends that fishermen take out relevant cancellation insurance.
  16. Subletting fishing is only allowed with Logie Estate’s permission.
  17. Logie Estate reserves the right to immediately withdraw fishing without compensation from anyone who breaks these or associated conditions, or flouts normal standards of behaviour or fishing etiquette.